We rent our location from the Town of Stratford here at Beacon Point along the Housatonic River where it meets Long Island Sound. We have a beautiful view of the river but we abut salt marches. Our customers come to our restaurant for our good food and a good view of the boats in the river.

Several week ago when we opened there were millions, no billions, of mosquitoes at our site. Customers would buy their food and then run into their cars to eat it.

Three weeks ago the Town sent the Mosquito Control officer to spray our area. He told me he was using something new, called Mosquito Barrier. I was concerned about spraying any chemicals on our site but he assured me that Mosquito Barrier only contained garlic juice. I smiled and he sprayed.

Since that initial spraying he has come back to do it again. I can now say that we have a few mosquitoes, very few. Our customers are happy and they enjoy our food under our tent. I am very satisfied with the efforts of the Town of Stratford in controlling mosquitoes without the use of chemicals. My customers also appreciate this fact.

Manager - Beacon Point Food
Stratford, CT.