June 22, 2003

Dear Ray,

Just wanted to write you a little note letting you know how wonderful your product, Mosquito Barrier has been working for us. In May we had a problem with ticks. My 3 year old daughter woke up with a tick on her head that was already implanted into her scalp. Then about one week later I had a tick. Then the final straw was my daughter woke up again and had three ticks, two on one ear and one in the other ear. That morning I got on the Internet and found your site. We got the Mosquito Barrier for the tick problem we were having. We sprayed four weeks ago, and have had no signs of any ticks. Now we aren't so much afraid to send her out side to play. Not only has it improved our tick problem it has helped the mosquito problem also. We have a lot of foliage and the mosquitos are so bad even in the day time, that last year my daughter couldn't even go outside in the day time for fear of the West Nile Virus. Now we are able to be outside with both our children anytime without the mosquitos eating them or us alive. We have used the Skin Skreen product as well and it is great too. With having young children you aren't suppose to use any repellent that contains deet. Of course I have both sets of grandparents having a fit every time the kids went outside to play for fear of them getting bite by a tick or mosquito. Nothing else has worked up until we have used Mosquito Barrier and Skin Skreen. I highly recommend this to anyone with a tick or mosquito problem. We will keep using it and have recommended it to several people. Once again, thank you Ray for your product and letting us enjoy our summer without the added fear of diseases.

God Bless You,
Lisa Pringle
Kalamazoo, MI



June 16, 2003

Dear Mr. Meesseman,

I bought Mosquito Barrier last year and I just wanted to tell you how much I like the product. As a dog breeder I am very concerned about using chemicals on my lawn to control fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. I live in a heavily wooded area and I did not see one flea or tick on my dogs the entire summer. Then along came West Nile Virus and two people in our area come down with it and I felt such relief that I had sprayed for fleas and ticks and got the extra bonus of treating the mosquito population. I have recommened it to breeders, dog owners, and people with children because it is natural and completely safe.

Keep spreading the word...I know I will.

Sandy Leon
Ortonville, Michigan