June 8, 2000
Mosquito Barrier
Mr. Bill Anderson

Dear Bill,

Thank you for filling my recent order for the garlic juice. We have had great success with this product in treating mosquitoes. We have ball fields that are close to creeks and the garlic juice keeps the mosquitoes in check.

Thanks Again,
Maggie Stoecklein Parks Supervisor 605 Palm Valley Blvd Round Rock, Texas.



July, 2002

Mr. Ken Hyatt and Mr. Will Haley, own 2 ½ acres of property, surrounded by woods in Saginaw Michigan. Mr. Hyatt states that he applied as directed, Mosquito Barrier early in the morning on July 4th, for an annual 4th of July gathering of friends and relatives. The party went into the late hours of the evening, with only two persons being bitten by mosquitoes. Mr. Hyatt was amazed, considering that at least 40 people were at the gathering. He said that he has been adding a room onto the house, near the pool, using flood lights, working into the wee hours of the night, without mosquitoes pestering him. Mosquito Barrier works so well that Mr Hyatt purchased a case (4-1 gallons), following this conversation.

Also, on August 7, 2002 Mr. Will Haley wrote this letter.

Dear Ray,
Just a quick note. The garlic product for mosquito control is great! I found it is more thorough than insecticides or any other product I have used. I have also noticed that the smell of the product is not offensive at all. This product is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Will Haley



E-mail of January 22, 2003

I have used the BARRIER PRODUCTS for years on my 4 acres. It has made the difference between staying in the house and enjoying the outdoors. With a pond and all the mosquitoes that it attracts, we have NEVER had a problem since using this product. I never worry that my children will be bitten up when playing out side. It has also helps to keep my fruit trees and garden bug free. No "toxic" products to seep into my water system or harm the environment. I LOVE the BARRIER products.

Renea Hulbert, Richmond, MI



Sept. 16, 2002

From City of Guilford, Connecticut:
"We have been using your garlic product as part of our municipal mosquito control program. Although the product works remarkably well for backyard mosquito control, our pesticide contractor is uncertain it can be formulated and applied effectively with a commercial truck mounted ultra fine mist applicator unit. Do you have any advice on this matter or could you refer us to a source that may assist us with setting up a road side application of the liquid garlic spray?"

Dennis Johnson, Director of Health
Guilford Health Department
50 Boston Street
Guilford, CT 06437



Ron Holt
City Administrator
City of Marlow, Oklahoma

"I wanted to let you know how your product Mosquito Barrier performed for us this past summer. As you know, weather conditions were such that in late summer we had quite a mosquito problem. Our annual "Outlaw Festival" comes during this time and our city park needed to be fogged for mosquitoes. We sprayed the park with Mosquito Barrier and it worked! We are happy with the results and look forward to using your product again next year. (We used a Dyna Fog 500 portable on the bed of a pick up, sprayed between 5-6pm and did it again the next day between 7-7:30am and had no mosquitoes)"



June 4, 2001

Di Maggio's on the Bay
Brewer Capri Marina
Port Washington, New York

"Mosquito Barrier has done more than we could have ever hope for. Our Di Maggio's on the Bay water front restaurant at the Brewer Capri Marina in Port Washington has a 3000 square foot dining deck that is built over Manhasset Bay. Before Mosquito Barrier our outdoor diners would be plagued with all sorts of annoying biting insects. These insects lived under the deck along the water line. They came up to the dining deck via the spaces between the decking. As a result, customers would skip desert and coffee. After we applied one application of Mosquito Barrier our outdoor deck became the most sought after seating for our restaurant. Diners now enjoy a fine leisurely meal over looking the Manhasset Bay, complete with desert and coffee without being pestered by bothersome biting insect.

The garlic scent, though strong while in its container as concentrated, dissipates away in about fifteen minutes after application. Although the manufacture recommends application every thirty- (30) days, we apply it about twenty- (20) days. We attribute this to the constant washing of the outdoor deck, furniture and the like. In so much as we are on the water, the fact that this product is one hundred (100%) organic is a bonus. We are happy to inform our customers that the biting insect population can be eradicated with an application of an organic product such as your Mosquito Barrier.

Eddy & Angelo, Owners
Di Maggio's on the Bay



Class A Professional Baseball Team
Greenville Bluesmen
Greenville, Mississippi

"...We have had a terrible problem with large numbers of hungry mosquitoes biting our fans and players. This was reducing our attendance and we don't like that...fans stay away because of the mosquitoes. We just started using your garlic product and it is amazingly effective and we look forward to using your product all of next season and increasing the attendance and comfort of our devoted fans."

Arthur O'Bright
Executive Vice President
Greenville Bluesmen Professional Baseball Team



Laurence M. Murphy
Purchasing Agent
Rockingham Park "New England's First and Finest Track"
Horse Race Track
Salem, New Hampshire

"My name is Laurence Murphy, Purchasing Agent for Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire. I was trying to locate a mosquito spray that could be used around humans and livestock. I was very unsuccessful. I was informed of a product called Mosquito Barrier and I purchased a small amount which I used for our thoroughbred racing season (from June thru October). Rockingham Park has a pond located in its infield of still water and 7/8th of a mile turf track which is watered daily and a mile dirt track which is also watered daily. We sprayed the garlic product and I can honestly say that we at Rockingham Park had no mosquito problem at all last season."



Steve Naylor
Blue Moon Farm
Lafayette, Tennessee

"...the real excitement of using Mosquito Barrier came from the use of it around the back patio. We enjoy sitting on the patio late in the evening but couldn't because of the mosquitoes. Now we can sit out there and do and love it."



Jerry Taylor, Badlands
White River KOA (Kampgrounds of America)
Interior, South Dakota

"After having applied several gallons of Mosquito Barrier to our 31 acre campground, I am pleased to report excellent results on our previously voracious mosquito population. All we have to do to verify that the mosquitoes are indeed still in season is to walk along the White River, which is adjacent to our property, and therefore not sprayed. They are still there, and in droves, while being virtually eliminated here."



Steve Perry
Champion Agriculture
Parma, Idaho

"...I decided to give Mosquito Barrier a try. I was in the front yard with my family when I decided I had swatted enough mosquitoes and mixed up just a pint and sprayed it around the yard. I began at one end of the yard and by the time I reached the other end there was no sign of residual smell or insects. I never did have a problem with them after that. Love it."



Manager - Beacon Point Food
Stratford, CT

"We rent our location from the Town of Stratford here at Beacon Point along the Housatonic River where it meets Long Island Sound. We have a beautiful view of the river but we abut salt marshes. Our customers come to our restaurant for our good food and a good view of the boats in the river.

Several weeks ago when we opened there were millions, no billions, of mosquitoes at our site. Customers would buy their food and then run into their cars to eat it.

Three weeks ago the Town sent the Mosquito Control officer to spray our area. He told me he was using something new, called Mosquito Barrier. I was concerned about spraying any chemicals on our site but he assured me that Mosquito Barrier only contained garlic juice. I smiled and he sprayed.

Since that initial spraying he has come back to do it again. I can now say that we have a few mosquitoes, very few. Our customers are happy and they enjoy our food under our tent. I am very satisfied with the efforts of the Town of Stratford in controlling mosquitoes without the use of chemicals. My customers also appreciate this fact."



Billie Mils
Dirty Bird, Inc. (Crop Dusters)
Grady, Arkansas

"We have an annual Lions Club Fish Fry here in Grady and consume about 1800 to 2,000 lbs of catfish, plus all the hush puppies and cold slaw and watermelon a person can eat. The event takes place in a pecan grove about 2 miles from our landing strip. It's held the 3rd Thursday in August. My duty is try to eradicate mosquitoes who love to feast on us as we feast on the fish. We have sprayed almost everything but nothing works.

One day I read about your Mosquito garlic juice and decided what the heck! We sprayed 12 hours before D day. The next day I asked about the "skeet" problem and all said they did not remember. Wow!"



Warren Templin
Recreation Specialist
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska

"Last summer we experienced the largest population explosion of mosquitoes that I can remember. We sprayed the Mosquito Barrier over several acres and it lasted us for 2 months which was great. I used it primarily on turf areas and plan to use it next year on campsites."



Penni J. Labute
Bloomfield Hills, MI

"My family and I live on an acre of lake front property...creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. We have lived here for over eight years and have tried everything to combat these pest insects without success - until we used your garlic extract product. It is truly incredible. Where we once were swarmed by mosquitoes at sunset we can now remain on our beach and enjoy the evening with our family. (I believe it has also discouraged the Canada geese that used to descend on our property and leave behind signs of their visit). Thank you



Mildred Jefferies
Balch Springs, Texas

"...Last year we had a major mosquito problem and sprayed our lawn, shrubs, trees and got rid of the mosquitoes and did it again this year. We sprayed around a 400 unit apartment complex which backs up to our property and received over 70 phone calls from the tenants thanking us for this. They are now able to go out in their yard without the problem of mosquitoes”.