Re: Mosquito Barrier From: Mr. Jeff Ritz Mosquito Control Office Environmental Conservation District City of Stratford, Ct. 203-385-4006

Dated: July 24, 2001

I am the Mosquito Control Officer for the Town of Stratford, CT (Pop. 49,389). The town is located along the Housatonic River and Long Island Sound. There are a great many salt water marshes within our borders.

This Spring our Town Manager asked us to investigate a newly patented product, Mosquito Barrier. The manufacturer sent us a gallon for testing. I was shocked at its effectiveness. After spraying it, our town employees at the Water Control Plant are now able to work outdoors in T-shirts. Spectators can watch our local softball team and not have to fend off mosquitoes with cans of Raid or use Off. Children at Sterling House Daycare Center do not complain about mosquito bites. I used to receive from 5-7 calls a day from residents complaining of mosquitoes, now my calls are down to none or one a day. I feel like the Maytag repairman. We are able to get these results without the introduction of any chemicals into the environment. Needless to say we are expanding our use of Mosquito Barrier in our town.

(Signed) Jeff Ritz, Mosquito Control Officer City of Stratford, CT

If you are a governmental official, Vector Control Office, golf course Superintendent or other individual in charge of mosquito abatement, you are invited to call Jeff Ritz with regard to his continuing experience with Mosquito Barrier. His phone is: 203-385-4006.