Nature: L.A. Lab's New Garlic Spray Ensures That Pesky Mosquitoes Bug Off.

By Bev Eckman / The Detroit News

Bothered by mosquitoes? Try gagging them with garlic.

Barbara Jean and Richard Ellison bought 30 acres in northern Macomb County on the banks of the Belle River, near Richmond, to live on and also convert into a wedding chapel.

But first they had to reclaim it from the mosquitoes. "Brides want to wear cologne, not Off," Richard said. Richard bought a gallon of Mosquito Barrier garlic spray last summer from the Garlic Research Lab (GRL) in Los Angeles. Now the Ellisons enjoy their scenery from the outside.

"It's unbelievable how good it works," he said.

Bill Anderson, manager of GRL, said the company can get "94 percent control" of mosquitoes. "We did research on golf courses and country estates, who buy from us along with KOAs (campgrounds), racetracks and farms."

Mosquito Barrier controls development of larvae, Anderson said. Sulphur compounds mask the carbon dioxide human bodies give off, and warn mosquitoes away. "They'll go someplace else, like your neighbor's yard," he said.

Mosquito Barrier also keeps bugs off vegetables and fruit, and Traverse City-area cherry growers are major users, Anderson said.

Users will not reek of garlic. Any odor dissipates quickly.

Tourist Attraction & Parks Magazine tested Mosquito Barrier and reported almost 95 percent repellency of adult mosquitoes up to two months after application.