Garlic Barrier Testimony

Raymond Felder, Cotton Farmer, Bishop, TX
"...this is my 7th year using Garlic Barrier. My cotton is as good or better than anybody's and my cost is a whole lot less."

Lanny Fryar, Cotton Farmer, Big Spring, TX
Voted "Cotton Farmer of the Year" by Cotton Farming Magazine. Lanny uses only Garlic Barrier on his farm. Lanny was selected out of 18,417 other cotton farmers in the Texas-Oklahoma area.

Joe Bell, Greenhouse Operator, Pipersville, PA
"With Garlic Barrier, right off the bat my bug population dropped 66%. I cut my pesticide bill in half."

Feramin Leal, Vegetable Farmer, Brownsville, TX
"I get the best looking squash in the Rio Grande Valley with Garlic Barrier - I got no bugs and no disease."

Cecil Richardson, Wheat Grower, Hale Center, TX
" wheat had no green bugs (aphids) and where I sprayed garlic the wheat was greener and 5 inches taller." (Note: last 6 rows on right on picture were not sprayed because Cecil ran out of garlic)