Hazardous ~ Non-Hazardous

Reclamation ~ Fuel Blending
Thermo Destruct ~ Landfill
Water ~ Coolants ~ Oils ~ Sludge
Acids ~ Paint ~ Solvents
Lab Packs ~ PCB’s ~ Asbestos
F006 ~ F019

Recycling and Reclamation Programs to
(Certificates of Consumption/Recycle)


Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste:
“Waste to Energy”
Thermo Destruction
Off-Spec/outdated products, filter cake, debris, paste inks, spent absorbent media, paint sludge, water-based adhesives, etc.
The consolidation of non-hazardous industrial waste with consumer waste for thermo destruction at a Non RCRA “Waste to Energy Facility”.

Fluorescent Lamps/Ballast ~ HID/Incandescent Lamps
All Types Batteries ~ All Computer Hardware
Printed Circuit Boards ~ Integrated Circuits ~ Monitors
Plastics ~ Industrial & Commercial Exit Signs
Recycled for reuse in the home and industry. Computer hardware is recycled for it’s precious metal and the remaining parts of the computer are used as scrap metal.

Cyanides – Full recycle – “Certificate of Recycle” provided for SARA and Biennial Reporting. Concentrated liquid Copper, Cadmium, Zinc, Brass and Bronze Cyanide solutions at less than “in house” treatment cost. Payment for Gold and Silver Cyanide solutions. The Cyanide liquid solution is recycled until cyanide concentrations are less than 5 ppm. Upon receipt of the cyanide material, the recycler becomes the generator and is manifest as such.


Copper ~ Nickel ~ Silver ~ Gold ~ Zinc
Cobalt ~ Carbide
Filter Cake ~ Sludge ~ Liquids
These precious metals can be reclaimed through a smelting system. The percentage of precious metals in the waste can be of a higher content than the ore that is mined.


55 Gallon ~ 1 Cubic Yard
Constructed of top grade U.S. manufactured polypropylene. Designed for shipping, handling & storing dry semi-bulk hazardous & non-hazardous materials. Reduces waste disposal cost through handling and converting to bulk disposal.

Wrangler Boxes also available.

Sampling and profiling of the waste streams are necessary for approval prior to all shipments. RMC will provide copies of all insurance and permits for both the transporter and disposal facility prior to shipping. RMC will prepare manifest, labels, and necessary paperwork to be presented prior to all shipments.