Bio Mist Insect Control System

The Bio Mist Insect Control System is completely automatic with no required maintenance. The state-of-the-art system uses only the finest components to ensure the best performance.

For over 30 years pyrethrum has been used effectively worldwide for the control of pests in yards, crops, barns, and animal pens. The combination of this specially formulated natural insecticide and its application system results in unmatched control of unwanted species.

Pyrethrum is nature's natural insecticide, extracted from the Chrysanthemum flower in Kenya, Africa. Pyrethrum is biodegradable and quickly kills insects.

Pyrethrum is completely safe for all warm blooded animals when used as directed. It is even approved by the FDA and USDA for use in food processing.

Pyrethrum is effective in killing flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, roaches, wasps, ants, and most garden and crop insects.


  • SAFE-Non-toxic to warm blooded animals.
  • EPA registered, USDA approved.
  • Controls all types of insects.
  • Automatic; kills insects 24 hours a day.
  • Effective and economical.
  • Works indoors and outdoors.
  • Programmable to fit your needs.
  • System is expandable.
  • Gives consistent, even coverage.
  • Natural, biodegradable product.
  • No residual or insect immunity.
  • Safe for fruit and vegetable gardens.
  • Pyrethrum is available for certified organic use. OMRI approved. This product can be used through the Bio Mist sytem or applied by commerical ag. sprayers.

How it works:

Pyrethrum generally kills insects on contact, with little residual, therefore it is critical to apply the product at frequent intervals. This system dispenses a set amount of pyrethrum at set time intervals throughout the desired control area to maintain the maximum control of pests. The system consists of a timer, pump, product reservoir, tubing and atomizing nozzles. High pressure nylon tubing is routed strategically throughout the control area with stainless steel misting nozzles plumbed approximately every 12 feet. The correct placement of nozzles ensures thorough coverage, thus controlling all insects. The timer is commonly set to dispense product every 2 hours for 30 seconds, releasing approximately 1/2 oz. of solution per nozzle per cycle. Frequency and duration are fully adjustable. One nozzle typically covers 150 square feet. The pumping unit can handle up to 100 nozzles per commercial unit and 50 nozzles per residential unit.

Available in 2 sizes to fit your needs. The home unit has a 15 gal. capacity and the commercial unit has a 55 gal. capacity.

Sizing A System:

As a rule of thumb, one nozzle will cover approximately 150 sq. feet. One commercial system can handle 100 nozzles and a residential unit can handle 50 nozzles. Below are some sample layouts. The layout is very flexible. Use the distances between nozzles, tubing and walls to help size the system for your facility. Additional nozzles may be added at entrances, more heavily infested areas, etc.

Open Area Facilities

For this example, the building is 60 Ft Long. Place the nozzles 12-15 feet apart.

Width of Building 10 Ft Wide 20 Ft Wide 30 Ft Wide 40 Ft Wide
Distance from wall, tubing 5', 5' 5', 10', 5' 8.5', 13', 8.5' 8', 12', 12', 8'

Sq. Ft/Nozzle 120 120 180 150

If possible, staggering the nozzles may allow for better coverage.

Horse Stables or Sectioned Areas

For a typical horse barn, place one nozzle over the horse stall or sectioned area. Also place a row of nozzles every 12’-16’ in the walkway. The same applies for all sectioned areas where there is a barrier for the product. Multiple nozzles may be required, depending on the sectioned area.

Typical Horse Barn Layout:


Run the tubing and nozzles along the eve of the house in the desired areas. The tubing and nozzles can also be secured to fences and trees. Nozzle spacing should be approximately 12 ft.